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R2V3 compliant Verification Software


VerifyIT is an R2v3 compliant Verification solution, designed to compliment the R2v3 certification and bolster post-erasure security.

At Cedar, we understand the importance of verifying data erasure to ensure no data remnants remain.


VerifyIT generates cloud-based, digitally-signed, tamper-proof reports of the verification process.

Cloud-based Reporting.

Digitally Signed.

Tamper Proof.

Access anywhere, anytime.

Verification Methods

Standard R2V3 Verification Patterns

We support the following verification methods

Name # Description Pattern
Automatic 1 Analyses the pattern of the disk on the fly, checking for discernible data, or not-repeated characters. Automatic
Zeros 1 Verify all bytes are Binary Zeros. 00
Ones 1 Verify all bytes are Binary Ones. FF
Zeros and Ones 1 Verify all bytes are alternating Zeros and Ones. 55
Ones and Zeros 1 Verify all bytes are alternating Ones and Zeros. AA


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