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The all-in-one Diagnostics, Erasure and Verification Suite


EraseIT is an ADISA certified solution that offers secure data erasure for your assets, ensuring that all data is overwritten and irrecoverable.

At Cedar, we understand the importance of securely erasing sensitive data from storage devices. Our team have been actively involved in Data Erasure, ITAD and Reverse Logistics for over 17 years.


VerifyIT is an R2v3 compliant Verification solution, designed to compliment the R2v3 certification and bolster post-erasure security.

At Cedar, we understand the importance of verifying data erasure to ensure no data remnants remain.


DiagnoseIT is comprehensive S.M.A.R.T and Stress Testing solution designed to provide an accurate snapshot of device health.

At Cedar, we understand the importance of assuring quality through comprehensive and transparent diagnostics.


Cedar Customer Portal captures all device statistics in our custom Web Portal, providing you with the ability to view and export detailed reports.

At Cedar, we understand the importance of having asset report accessibility. Our Customer Portal provides access to cloud-based, tamper-proof, secure data erasure test reports, from anywhere on the planet.

Our Product Line-up

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Secure Data Sanitization software conforming to NIST 800-88 R1 and IEEE 2883-2023 for data erasure.

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R2V3 compliant Verification software to bolster your certifications and compliance requirements.

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Comprehensive S.M.A.R.T and Stress Testing module to bolster your Quality Assurance standards.


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